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the establishment of her new charity, the malala fund for girls' education. the message was recorded before malala's most recent surgery over the weekend, which the doctors have described as a success. >>> the president heads to minneapolis today to meet with local leaders on the issue of gun control. in his annual presuper bowl interview last night he addressed a range of other issues, including the risk of brain injury in children playing football. >> i want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to make the sport safer and that means that the game is probably going to evolve a little bit. >> president obama also addressed the boy scouts' longstanding policy of excluding gays and lesbians, saying that they should have, quote, access and opportunity the same way everyone else does. >>> researchers in england say they have found a skeleton of king richard iii. dna results show the battle scarred bones under a parking lot are, no doubt, those of the king killed in battle some years ago. he was immortalized by william shakespeare as a brutal tyrant who said now is our winter of discontent a
not appeared? >> our second take is biggest spending regrets. financial education estimates in the typical month more than two-thirds of united states adults buy something on impulse and most of those purchases lead to regret. how about you? >> i'm an impulse shopper, completely. i do retail therapy all the time on the internet. that's the big one for me. i think i'm getting a deal but i'm hitting it way too often. >> we'll see one of yours in a second. how about you? most regret. >> i don't make many regrets but this is something i bought a few years ago. my wife thought omar sharif in "dr. zhivagozhivago" was the se man alive. i bought this and said who do i look like? and she said from "dumb and dumber." >> as they say in "caddy shack" it looks better on you. >> last time i saw it, it came with a bowl of soup. >> that's right. >> right before flat screens came out. it was expensive. i was stuck with it forever. it was heavy. you couldn't move the thing. every time i looked at it, i resented it. >> for a long time, i'm sure. >> i'm an infomercial shopper. >> late-night purchase for you?
right. also, there's a lot of talk about gym class or physical education in schools which we've seen cut in a lot of school districts because of budget issues. there's a belief that these classes can actually lead to weight loss. i find that surprising. >> well, i'm concerned about this myth. i think that we have to keep in mind and underscore the -- that gym class in their current form, they're not like in the old days when you got to play. many of our physical education classes now are filled with learning rules, writing about how you feel about this sport, you know, we need to ingrain habits in kids early. and even though our research doesn't show that the current form of physical education classes is associated with weight loss, it's not sensitive enough to see the changes in body composition. more importantly, erica, it builds confidence in kids to actually have lifelong habits of physical activity. so we have to keep in mind what our end goal here is. >> that's what's important, to instill that goal in kids. just to get moving every day so they carry it through their adult life. >>
, savannah. the training exercise was funded by the office of education a year ago. after the school shooting in newtown, it was redesigned, a high-intensity drill for what some call our new reality. the mock massacre simulates what so many now fear. two gunmen open fire on students, going through a crowded campus, taking lives. this school shooting, just a drill. but the drama so intense, even scaring the 20 teenage actors. >> i felt really terrified. i have never felt that scared. >> it was way too real. i didn't know that was how it was going to be. >> reporter: the training video includes students covered in blood-red paint, the injured crying for help and children as young as 12 locked inside barricaded classrooms. but is it too much? >> we need to actually know how our guys here, and women at the sheriff's office are going to respond to an actual emergency. the best way to do that is through a live simulated training, making it as real as we can. >> set to be distributed next year, the training video could make its way to police, teachers and school administrators across california. >>
club. >> female fans are very educated and so passionate. >> ray and fran reynolds met at a 49ers game, and it was love at first sight. at least for one of them. >> everyone jump ed up and i lok up and here is this beautiful butt right in front of me. i'm going, where did that come from? >> today they're a happily married pair of season ticket holders. >> this is a 49ers shrine. >> life-long niners fan. this is bernadette's first chance to go to a super bowl and she's going in style. >> these are my niner nails. >> banjo man, a fixture at niners game. ♪ we're gonna win the super bowl and have a lot of fun ♪ yeah, niners! >> that's right, banjo man is there in new orleans. he does not have a ticket for the game. if jenna wolfe can help him out, maybe hook him up, i'm sure he would appreciate that. i don't think it would be that hard to find banjo man there in new orleans. matt, savannah, back to you guys. >> banjo man never blends in. natalie is in baltimore with some rabid raven fans. >> rabid ravens, indeed, they are, savannah. well known for their love of the team, as you can see
on the website, the parents are upset at the way they handled a special education teacher who was convicted of child abuse for throwing a 5-year-old autistic child on to a classroom floor and kicking him. the superintendent said he had how let holder return. >>> a vigil will be held for an off duty san mateo sheriff's deputy. he died last week when a car turned in front of him while he was riding his motorcycle in burrlingame. the driver was not arrested. the 51 leaves behind a wife and 12-year-old son. the vigil will be at 6:00. >>> we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this break. >>> 9:28. it is still cool and we're going to stay cool today. lots of cloud cover overhead. limited sunshine and that means temperatures are only going to climb by about 5 degrees from where they are now. 48 in san jose. 47 in gilroy. at noon today, temperatures still in the upper 40s for most of the day area. then we'll round out the day in the mid-50s. 54 degrees in livermore. 56 in gilroy and 55 in santa tere teresa. more changes ahead. rain arrives. thursday morning, the bulk of
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)